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We specialize in helping you source your products in China. Our services begin where we can be most useful and offer you the greatest advantages – i.e., after you’ve decided what you want to source in China.

Absolutely YES! As the saying goes; “What goes on at Almond Global, stays at Almond Global”. We treat all your information as your company’s confidential information and never share it with others (without your express consent).

Yes! This is one of the main features of Almond Global services. You can order any service individually or as a package as you wish to best meet your needs. Every customer has different pain points and our services (and pricing) are tailored just for you.

We perform some of the inspections with our in-house staff. However, due to the diverse nature of the products and applicable quality standards, we have developed a network of vetted and highly qualified inspectors throughout China. This ensures that you get the best inspection for your products at the most cost-effective price.

Experience is one of the best ways to tell if a factory or supplier is legitimate. There are red flags and telltale signs to look out for when looking for a supplier or manufacturer, however, we don’t rely on this alone. We can perform on-site factory inspections, access government-issued certifications and licenses, and qualify factories through reference checks and other means.

Scammers depend to a large extent on their victims not knowing how to do business in China and also being too far away to do anything if they are cheated. Our location, experience, and knowledge of how things get done here are a big advantage to our customers.

We accept VISA and Mastercard payments (through PayPal), PayPal cash transfers, bank wire transfers, and ACH payments. Our goal is to offer the most convenient way to do business with you. Some factories or suppliers charge a transaction fee for certain kinds of payments. We can provide the details based on your specific order.

No. We consider this part of the product research phase and we get involved when you start the product sourcing phase in China. However, if you have a need for intellectual property legal services from a qualified attorney in China, we can help you find a qualified legal expert.

Yes! Repeat customers are our mainstay and we want to encourage you to keep coming back. We believe that great prices and great services are essential in making that happen.

Of course! This is one of our “other” services we offer. While we don’t get involved with travel and accommodations arrangements, we can set up a factory visit for you and arrange for a guide, translator, or local transportation if you want to see firsthand where your products are made. We also can accompany you if you choose.

We can arrange to have your samples sent to our office in mainland China where we will help you evaluate it. Usually this takes place using Skype or Zoom where we meet with you to analyze and evaluate the sample. This saves you a lot of time in shipping and possible customs delays, as well as saving in shipping costs. It also saves a lot of time if there are issues that require adjustment before making a big production run

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