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Welcome! My name is Gary Almond and I’m a principal member of the Almond Global team. I’m an American entrepreneur who has lived in China for the past 10 years and have more than 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and selling products. Over the years I’ve created and led several successful product development and service companies.

I first came to China 12 years ago to find my next big adventure after selling a high tech product development company I helped create. My plan was to tap into the engineering and manufacturing resources here in China to develop and manufacture products for the North American and European markets. What I found out was that it’s not easy to do business in China from the US (especially as a foreigner).

Along the way I figured there were a lot of people just like me. So, I moved to China 10 years ago and with the lessons I’ve learned through firsthand experience along the way, I can offer an invaluable service to small business owners, Amazon sellers, online sellers, or anybody who wants to source products in China.

We all know the advantages of sourcing products in China. The main reason is tapping into China’s vast resources of literally millions of suppliers and factories that produce billions of low-cost products. But the challenge is finding the right supplier, dealing with language and cultural differences, a 12 to 15-hour time difference, understanding how business is done here, being able to differentiate between the scammers and legitimate businesses, and the importance of connections. This is not something you can easily (and cost effectively) achieve without actually being here. Big companies can afford to send legions of buyers, lawyers, inspectors, technicians, etc. Almond Global’s services are not meant for them. We’re here for people and businesses like you who need the advantage of having a company that understands you and your business’ needs and also understands how to do business effectively in China.

Our team of product sourcing professionals has the experience and talent required to handle your needs. Feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help. We’re not limited to the services you see on our website. Each customer has unique needs and we’re flexible in working with you to find the right solutions for you. We’re in China so you don’t have to be!

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